Latest length check



So this is just to share my hair latest length check. Some of you may know that I never set out to grow my hair to a certain length, therefore I’ve never kept a regular length check record. I recently decided that I’m going to keep my hair mostly in a stretched state to help with tangles, knots and all that jazz…as my time schedule really does not allow me to dedicate time to my hair..

I will post some upcoming articles about hair care, products, regimes etc as things have now had to change since I started studying Medicine. I literally now adopt the “less is more” approach with my hair.

My main aim now is getting back to a healthy routine after a period of ‘hair neglect’ shall we say…

Peace, love and afro puffs,



So I have been away from my blog (yet again) for quite some time. For those of you who have posted comments and questions, I would like to apologise for the late reply! My life has just been SUPER busy!

Ahh….so much to say…so little time! But let me begin by saying…I GOT INTO MEDICINE!!

Finally on the road to becoming a doctor!! I have quickly realised that it is going to be a long and difficult road but you know what…BRING IT ON! [I have always realised this…but now I am actually experiencing it]

So far..there have been ups and there have been downs and this meme sums up my feelings perfectly


Starting medical school (and turning 20) had caused me to develop a whole new outlook on life. So I have decided that this blog will need a slight makeover. Don’t worry…I will still include all things hair, make up and fashion…but with some NEW STUFF TOO :D….look out for that!

I have also decided that I need more interactivity from this blog therefore occasionally I will post features on absolutely anything….hair, music, make up etc. Because the thing I failed to realise is that I have such interesting people around me…

Anyway…these are my current plans for this blog. I refuse to be a stereotypical medical student with no life outside Medicine… haha so fingers crossed!

In the meantime, if you’re new, please browse through my blog and post any comments, questions or suggestions…and if you’ve been a follower for a while…thank you for your patience !

Peace, love and Afro Puffs,


Twist out result

Twist out result

So I managed to get a good amount of stretch from those twists (see previous post).
I wore my hair in twists for around 4 days, then took them out to detangle before washing.
While I’m absolutely loving it, I think I’ll go back to chunky twists in the future because they’re less time consuming.
I will be trimming but before that, I shall do a length check for those who are interested


Getting frustrated with my hair….

My hair is now pretty much mid-back/waist length and it is becoming SO time consuming!!! I have actually contemplated cutting it back to shoulder length several times but I’ve always been discouraged from doing  so, also I’ve realised I may not be able to pull of certain styles anymore.  If you’ve read my last post you’ll understand why time is something I just don’t have anymore… I wish I did.

So far, i’ve realised that the more my hair is stretched out, the less i have to deal with tangles and knots, which is mostly why my hair is so time consuming.

i’m now on the look out for ways to stretch out my hair so that it’s easier to manage. I’ve never had to keep my hair intentionally stretched before. I’ve always loved the fro and the shrinkage and I’ve always worked with it, but it seems the more my hair grows, the more difficult it is to work with when its not stretched.

Should I invest in a blow dryer (lol that seems like such a silly question, but I’ve never really blow dried my hair). For those of you who do blowouts, how often do you blow it out?

My hair is now always in twists most of the time, that way I still have some styling flexibility (still loving buns!! Lol). I’ve found this to be the easiest way of stretching. Any advice would be much appreciated 🙂

in other news (kind of)…after re-twisting last night and (for some strange reason) deciding to create even smaller twists (my twists have always been medium to chunky), here are the results!! 




I like it!! But I do miss wearing my bun 😉 









APOLOGIES FOR MY DISAPPEARANCE (yet again): The road to becoming a doctor is CRAZYYYYY!

Hi people! 🙂

So this post is basically to send out a BIG APOLOGY to my followers, especially those of you who have left comments on some of my posts, as I have only just got round to reading and responding to them. But THANK YOU so much for your comments. They never fail to bring a smile to my face!!

Ok, so I could write pages and pages about exactly WHY i’ve been ‘away’…but it’s 10:07pm and I’ve just finished over 6 hours of studying human physiology. Frankly, it is somewhat suprising that my brain is still active. Ah well…such is the life of a future medical student.

Long story short, I have been preparing to apply to study medicine next year (or rather, later this year…because the UK education system is questionable as are most other things about the UK but hey..) This basically means I have to ace a ridiculous number of exams, assessments, practicals, coursework e-t-c. Sadly this leaves me with no free time for other things. However, I will be working really hard on finding the right balance..I love this blog too much to stop writing.

My future posts may not be as frequent…but they will be there.

Now, on the whole medicine thing. I have ‘failed’ a medical school application once before for reasons that…looking back now…could have been avoided. I guess maybe now I’m working twice as hard the second time round because I feel like it could be my last chance.

Anyways, It will all become clear to me by the end of the year. Your prayers will be much appreciated 🙂

In the meantime, while my posts will may not be as frequent as they used to be, if anyone has a burning question or need to contact me dirctly, please email at: 

This e-mail is where all my blog notifications and messages get forwarded to; but I am more likely to check this e-mail address than my blog on any given day.

In other hair has gotten BIG!!…’s all relative isn’t it.? I guess my hair has always been big. I have also had some cuts along the way. For anyone who didn’t read my last post; I am not 4 years natural. For some reason I decided to celebrate this by wearing my hair in two giant afropuffs just like I used to when I was a kid.


More photos of this will be coming up soon…

peace, love and afropuffs